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Electronic waste refers to any piece of electronic equipment that is at the end of its useful life. Many products can be refurbished or dismantled to remove and repurpose useful components. At the same time, dangerous chemicals and lead must be recovered and safely disposed of to avoid leaching into soil and water and endangering natural ecosystems and human health. With legislation designed to discourage the shipping of used electronics overseas to countries like China and Pakistan, American lawmakers are working hand-in-hand with waste management companies to meet the growing demand for domestic e-waste processing.

California is a national leader in e-waste management, with laws in place to encourage retailers and manufacturers to take their products in for recycling at the end of their useful life, and an outright ban on throwing e-waste into landfills. Despite these positive measures, research has shown that only one quarter of Americans recycled their electronics in 2012. Citing lack of knowledge of where to recycle, and of what can be recycled, consumers admitted to tossing away old cell phones and computers rather than safely recycling them.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just any recycler will take your e-waste.

CenCal Ewaste offers free e-waste pickup to both residential and commercial customers in Stanislaus County, including Manteca. Consumers can recycle any electronic device including computers, televisions, and more.

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