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In the US, only twenty-five percent of consumer electronics are recycled, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. This means that 3 million tons of e-waste is thrown into landfills every year, contaminating soils and waterways with dangerous chemicals.

While awareness of the problem of e-waste in Oakdale is growing, 75 million Americans have never recycled electronics: in a recent Harris Interactive Poll, 26 percent of survey respondents did not know where to recycle electronics, while 16 percent did not know how to safely recycle them. Some were not aware that they could recycle televisions, cell phones, and computers, while a few admitted that it was too much trouble to recycle.

With the passing of Bill 50, the Electronic Waste Recycling Act, California has taken action to reduce the amount of hazardous materials in landfills by charging fees at the point of purchase. Now, it’s time to educate consumers and help them to find responsible recyclers in their area, according to Brian Dick of Earth 911.

In Oakdale, CenCal Ewaste offers free e-waste pickup to both residential and commercial customers. Consumers can recycle appliances, cell phones, computers, laptops, monitors and servers,  DVD and CD players,  fax machines, printers, ink cartridges, speakers, stereos, TV, VCRs, batteries and cameras.

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