Riverbank Electronics Recycling

Why should you worry about recycling your old electronics? After all, three out of four Americans still don’t properly dispose of their cell phones, TVs and stereos when they reach the end of their useful life. Trading up to a brand-new computer is a great feeling: how much greater would it be not only to get rid of your old dinosaur, but know that the toxic chemicals and lead that it contains will be safely disposed of, while the useful bits, like copper and glass, will be reused?

Americans will throw away upwards of 400 million electronic units this year: e-waste recyclers are responding with services to reclaim those items safely and economically. In Riverbank, manufacturer take-back programs are also springing up, wherein major retailers like Best Buy and Target work with electronics companies and consumers to allow the return of obsolete electronics at the point of sale.

The 2004 Cell Phone Recycling Act requires retailers who sell new cell phones to have a system in place to collect used cell phones for recycling. In Riverbank, Staples will accept used GPS systems, cell phones, computer peripherals and monitors, while Radio Shack and Target take back cell phones and rechargeable batteries. Best Buy also takes back cell phones in addition to cameras, computers, TV, video, and audio equipment.

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