Turlock Electronics Recycling

Many people are not aware that it is not only dangerous, but also illegal, to dump electronic waste into landfills. Simply tossing that old cell phone in the trash may not seem like such a big deal, but the cumulative impact of millions of Americans improperly disposing of their consumer electronics means a swelling of toxins in landfills around the country. For instance, your average 17-inch monitor contains as much as two pounds of lead, a substance that can contaminate water and is particularly dangerous to young children.

Iron, copper, aluminum, plastic, glass, and other valuable materials can be profitably recovered from old electronic devices, including TVs, stereos, cell phones, regular telephones, computer monitors, laptops, hard drives, servers, and peripheral devices such as printers and fax machines. These metals and other materials can be recycled and used in the manufacturing of new equipment, which reduces the electronics industry’s environmental impact.

Recycling electronics in Stanislaus County has never been easier.  In Turlock, a number of retailers have started recycling ewaste, taking back products such as household batteries, TVs, and cell phones.

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